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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  How much are the lessons?

A.   Lessons start from £25.00 per month.

Q.  Do I pay as I go?

A.   Fees are paid monthly.

Q.  What if I miss a class?

A.  There are no financial allowances for personal holidays or missed lessons. On some occasions, you are given the opportunity to attend another lesson to make up for what you have missed. If a child is injured we recommend attending, not only to watch but remedial exercises can be given.

Q.  Can I have a trial in the lesson?

A.   We do not offer a trail lesson in Ballet, Tap & Modern. However, Musical Theatre classes can be trialled by appointment only.

Q.  How do I join?

A.   All new starters are offered an appointment in person. Full details are then given and an appropriate lesson and start date are offered.

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Q. Can I organise a trial by phone or email?

A.  Yes you can, telephone 07956167565 or email 

Q.  Is there a joining fee?

A.  A £20.00 non-refundable joining fee is paid in lieu of notice. 

Q.  Do I have to wear a uniform?

A.   Yes, we have a uniform. It is important all dancers wear appropriate clothing and shoes. 

Q.  I have a uniform or I have bought things from somewhere else. Can I wear these?

A.   Non-regulation uniform is not permitted however please bring all your uniform to the appointment and where possible you may not need to re- buy.

Q.  Can I stay and watch the lesson?

A.   With exception of First Steps where parents participate we do not allow parents to watch unless invited. There is no requirement for you to stay whilst your child is in their lesson(s) however we do have a waiting area if you do wish to stay. 

Q.  Health & Safety, safeguarding & protocols?

A.    We have all necessary and important structures in place including: DBS, Emergency First Aid in the Workplace QCF 

Level 2 accredited safeguarding for children certificate holder. We also have a huge amount of common sense and care.

Our T & C's below highlights our protocols.

Q.   What board do you teach, are you a member of an organisation?

A. The principal is a qualified Level 6 Teacher in Dance and registered with bbodance. All our teaching follows techniques learnt from several organisations including The Royal Ballet School, ISTD, bbo and RAD. We follow the Code of Professional Conduct and Practice as set out by Council for Dance Education and Training.

Q.  Do you do examinations?

A. We hold Ofqual Examinations in dance as well as   

our own examination and medal sessions with external examiners. On average, we have two sessions per year.

Q.   My child just wants to do it for fun, can they?

A.   We do have fun but our school is disciplined as we want children to learn. Our rules are in place in class to assure safe practice and to avoid injury. We promote hard working individuals and those that want to achieve but it does not mean they have to be dancers. We do things properly and that comes with a certain amount of high expectation, which does not suit everybody.

Q.  My child wants to be a dancer.

A.   When a child expresses the wish to be a dancer or shows huge potential with a good facility please communicate with us. We offer the same courtesy to our parents. We have had many pupils succeed in their journey into the performance industry. We offer one to one lessons and encourage them to attend as much as they can. Depending on age I would suggest someone wanting to pursue a career in dance or musical theatre attend all disciplines 4/5 times a week.


"Freedom without rules doesn't work & communities do not work unless they are regulated by etiquette" Judith Martin

Terms & Conditions

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The Theatre & Dance Academy Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions below apply at all times including but not limited to workshops and events delivered by The Theatre & Dance Academy of River Mills Ballroom, Unit 1a Ousegate Mills, Ousegate, Selby, YO8 4NJ.



1.     GENERAL

1.1.     A registration fee is to be paid when joining the school and in advance of attending classes. This fee is non-refundable.

1.2.     With the exception of ‘First Steps’, all fees are to be paid in advance by standing order on the 1st day of each month to bank account HSBC, account number 31515403, sort code 40-12-35. First Steps is to be paid in advance at the start of each half term (term details can be found at

1.3.     You are responsible for setting up, adjusting and cancelling your standing order. Administration charges shall be applicable for any incorrect or late payments.

1.4.     Fees are charged over a 12-month period; therefore, your standing order shall continue throughout holiday periods.

1.5.     No payment allowances can be made for absence or personal holidays. If you are absent from your classes, you may have to participate in additional private or group lessons to catch up on work you have missed. This cost will be additional to your monthly fee.

1.6.     In the event of fees not being paid for two consecutive months or for a total of 3 months in any 12-month period (but not necessarily consecutive) The Theatre & Dance Academy reserve the right to terminate this agreement in writing with immediate effect and the child or children concerned shall not be allowed to attend classes from the date of termination.

1.7.     Monthly fees increase when class times extend due to level/age. Fees are reviewed on an annual basis in December of each year. Fees may be increased at the sole discretion of The Theatre & Dance Academy. Multiple subjects and sibling discounts do apply where applicable and apply at the sole discretion of The Theatre & Dance Academy. Fees are available upon request from

1.8.     A minimum of one calendar months’ notice in writing will be given before any fee increases are implemented.

1.9.     A minimum of one calendar months’ notice in writing should be given if leaving the school in writing. Should any fees be owing at the time of providing notice they shall be invoiced upon receipt of the notice. The final fees owing are calculated from the date the notification is received or the final class date, whichever is later.

1.10.  Any outstanding monies owed shall be invoiced at the end of every term (term details can be found at and shall be payable within thirty (30) days of date of invoice

1.11.  Regulation uniform is compulsory for all classes with the exception of First Steps (uniform is preferable), details of which can be found at

1.12.  Hair must be in our recommended dance styles for all classes

1.13.  Nail polish is not permitted.

1.14.  Parents/Guardians are not permitted to observe any classes unless previously organised by the teacher (with the exception of First Steps).

1.15.  Teachers cannot discus pupils’ progress before or after a lesson – unless urgent and requiring immediate attention. Appointments can be arranged to discuss progress by emailing Progress will be reviewed and discussed on a termly basis during observation classes (term details can be found at Observation classes will be advertised at River Mills Ballroom.

1.16.  Pupils may be involved in events at the studios or on location with the Academy where they are filmed and/or photographed. These images may be used for advertising or for teaching purposes. Consent is presumed unless you contact us directly in writing to prohibit your child from taking part in any media we may take or use. Safeguarding is in place and inappropriate use of any such materials will not be tolerated, we do not approve of social posts unless tasteful and of benefit to the children involved.



2.1.     The Theatre & Dance Academy's number one priority will always be student safety. However, dance is a physical activity and as such there is a potential risk, The Theatre & Dance Academy cannot except liability for any injury sustained during a class or any time whilst on the premises. All participants attend the Theatre & Dance Academy at their own risk.

2.2.     Young children will not be permitted to leave the studio without sight of a parent or guardian unless permitted by the parent or guardian, such permission shall negate any responsibility the teacher has for the child.

2.3.     Parents/guardians are solely responsible for their children and siblings in communal areas, such as the waiting areas, toilets, corridors and stairway when the child is not in a lesson.

2.4.     The management, River Mills Ballroom and The Theatre & Dance Academy are not responsible for any injury incurred due to failure to appropriately supervise your children.

2.5.     Any students with an existing injury must notify their teacher of the injury.

2.6.     Jewellery, wrist watches and earrings are not allowed. Stud earrings should be removed or covered with tape. This is to ensure the health and safety of all students. Failure to do so will result in the student being asked to leave the class.

2.7.     Pupils who attend gymnastics, horse riding, or any other physical hobby should inform The Theatre and Dance Academy.

2.8.     It is preferable that a pupil attends only one dance school due to differences in injury/health & safety polices. Any pupils wishing to attend other vocational dance training should be discussed with teachers.



3.1.     Please report injury or illness a minimum of ten (10) minutes before the class time. Where classes are already in progress please contact us during the day.

3.2.     All injuries or illness must be put in writing for the teacher by the parent/guardian, even if it is a small matter.

3.3.     In order to ensure the wellbeing of all participants, if your child is unwell and has vomited or suffered from diarrhoea, they will not be able to attend The Theatre & Dance Academy for at least 48 hours. In this instance, no refund will be given.

3.4.     If your child requires prescribed medication (for example an inhaler, epipen etc.) please advise The Theatre & Dance Academy in writing and arrange an appointment to discuss their medication in advance of attending classes.  Any changes to the medication need to be communicated in writing to The Theatre & Dance Academy promptly and in any event before the next class that is to be attended by the child in question.  Children are not allowed to bring non-prescribed medication of any kind with them on the premises.



4.1.     All teachers hold DBS certification and a designated first aid trained staff will be on site throughout the duration of classes, courses or workshops. Dance is a physical activity which may involve contact between teacher and student, for example for corrections to aid safe practice. There will be times where student to student partner contact will also take place. All contact will however be kept to a minimum and used only with prior consent of the student. The Theatre and Dance Academy’s Safeguarding Policy is available to view at:



5.1.     All participants will be expected to behave in a polite and respectful manner. Any instances of rudeness, bad behaviour or bullying may result in the student being asked to leave. The Theatre & Dance Academy reserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse admission to any student on grounds of bad behaviour. In the instance, no refund will be given.

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