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Timetables Studio 1 & 2

 2017 Year Planner

"We are not just a dance academy, we are a family. Being a dancer is more than just a hobby it is a way of life. Our pupils go on to acheive great success in all different area's and not just in the world of dance. We are here to support and nuture your children and to help them have passion in something that gives great rewards, makes them feel good about themselves and promotes a healthy way of life" 


Ballet, Tap & Modern

Ballet is so important for any dancer, it teaches the fundamental techniques of dance, correct posture and discipline, required not just in the dance world but in "real life" too. Classes Start from Aged 18 Months, 'First Steps' to Nursery, Beginners and then to Exam Classes.


Tap is all about rhythm, it is a super additional subject to give a dancer a more well rounded education in dance. Senior tap students also get the opportunity to learn hard shoe Irish, giving them a taste of other avenues Tap can take you to. Our pupils start Tap in Beginners Class.


Modern improves style, flexibility, fitness and performance, a popular subject amongst many of our pupils. Mini Modern is available for Pupils from aged 3+.


Pupils wishing to take classes in Tap & Modern must attend Ballet classes. Ballet however is not for everyone, please read our information on Musical Theatre classes.

We are now qualified in Progressive Ballet Technique and incorporate this in our ballet classes.


​Musical Theatre

This subject is a combination of Singing, Dance & Drama. More emphasis is focused on the performance side at our Academy whilst instilling theatre techniques and stage craft.

There are exams once in year in Musical Theatre and several performance opportunities.


The drama syllabus at the Academy helps build self confidence, improves diction, elocution, projection and social skills.


Dance includes elements of musical theatre performance movement and commercial dance. Basic fundamental steps are also taught as they are crucial for any performer even if they don't wish to be a dancer.


We encourage the development of a natural voice in our singing lessons. Breathing techniques and diaphram exercises are also taught but we highlight the importance of performing a song. We always suggest additional singing lessons for those wanting a singing careeer in the future,



Professional Performance Opportunities: Our Academy shows are optional to all pupils. The Musicals are written especially for the pupils at the school and showcase our talents in a Musical format rather than recital form, including all aspects of dance and musical theatre. Produced by Miss Gemma the children not only have a great time but learn a wealth of knowledge that only someone with her experience could teach.


Workshops & Summer Schools are run in the holidays for children aged 5+ these are additional activities and can be attended by any children, boys and girls, not just Academy pupils.


Parent & Pupil WORKSHOPS. Helping parents get more involved with their childs' hobby. Giving them an insight into what we do and how you can help your child at home. Understanding more about the subject and being able to activily get involved is a must for any parent.


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