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TDA End of Year Showcase 2022

The Theatre & Dance Academy opened their doors at River Mills Ballroom on 1st September 2016. The Ballroom was run down, painted red and didn't even have heating. For the past 6 years the school and the building have evolved incredibly. We are so proud to be here today, it has not been easy for any of us. Should we mention we all went through a pandemic?

Well unfortunately, as much as we tried to avoid any links to the "isolation years", it has influenced the choreography and the narrative which occasionally pops up between dance routines.


"Collaboration" was named because it is the first time the entire school has come together to showcase their talents. Pre-Pandemic we held additional rehearsal outside of class hours and only a quarter of the school were involved in shows. But now, we have been able to bring together more pupils to really celebrate what we do.


All about "Collaboration"

There is no story to our show, this is a showcase.  All the narrative linking pieces are written by Miss Gemma and the senior acting students. The music was chosen by Miss Phoebe & Miss Gemma and the majority of choreography originated from a meeting around the kitchen table from their shared love and passion of music and dance. All Miss Phoebe & Miss Gemma ever want is for pupils to have a lovely time, they set high standards but their inclusive practices and humanistic approach ensures that everyone has an opportunity to be involved in the TDA family and the lovely community they have created over the years.

Miss Gemma & Miss Phoebe love teaching and are very excited about the future of TDA, with many exciting things to come.

Thank you to you all for being part of The Theatre & Dance Academy. 

We hope you can enjoy not only the Showcase but celebrate in the knowledge that TDA provide a wonderful service to the community, offering children fantastic, exciting experiences not to mention exemplary training. 

Meet The Cast

Running Order


1. Age Of Not BelievingLevel 1 & Level 2 Musical Theatre

2. Jet Set - Senior Tap

3. The Garden Fox - Grade 1 Ballet and Buttercups Beginners

4. A Whole New World - Beginners Ballet and Primary Ballet

5. Nutcracker - Grade 5 Ballet and Grade 8 Ballet

6. Waltz of the Flowers - Primary Ballet & Grade 1 Ballet

7. Coppelia Valse - Grade 3 Ballet

8. Time - Grade 2 Contemporary

9. I wanna be like you! - Pre-Primary Modern

10. Neverland - Senior Musical Theatre

11. Zip-A-Dee-Do-Da - Beginners Tap and Primary Tap 

12. Ease on down the Road - Pre Primary Tap and Primary Tap 

13. I Got You - Senior Modern 

14. Happy - Act 1 Finale



1. Who Done It? - Intermediate Competition Class

2. One Jump Ahead- Level 1 Acrobatic Arts Class

3. Commercial Mashup - Level 3 Musical Theatre

4. Teach Me How to Shimmy - Grade 1 Modern

5. Pulled - Senior Musical Theatre

6. Jailhouse Rock - Grade 4 Modern

7. HeroesJunior Competition Class

8. We Need to Rewild the World- Inter & Senior Ballet

9. Hoist the Colours  - Level 2 Acro, Grade 1 Contemporary & Senior Acro

10. Place We Were Made - Grade 5 & Grade 8 Ballet. For Hannah, Mia & Louise 

11. When You're An Addams - Level 3 Musical Theatre

12. Trashing' The Camp - Grade 1 Tap

13. Bad Guy - Grade 4 Tap & Senior Troupe

14. Raise You Up - Act 2 Finale


In Alphabetical Order

Abigail Marsh

Ada Cockerham 

Agnes Heslop

Aisha Lunn

Alicia Motylewska 

Amelia Griffitths 

Amelia Komorek

Amelia Ross

Anna Toye

Annabel Nicholson 

Arabella Williams Senior 

Ariana Rustage

Ava Ellerington 

Beatrix Priestley 

Bertie Whisker-Taylor

Bethany Horsman 

Carmen Lau

Charlotte Ingham 

Chloe Stonell 

Claudia Ackerley 

Delilah Hardcastle 

Diana Cordea

Dottie Walker 

Eddison Sykes

Ella Pollitt

Elsie Bugg

Enya Sykes 

Erin Addison 

Erin Wilson 

Erina See

Esta Heslop

Eve Coldrick 

Evelyn Sykes 

Evie Harrison 

Evie Spence 

Evie Whisker-Taylor 

Flora Menneer 

Florence Beverly 

Francesca Nicholson 

Francis Milner 

Freya Horsman 

Freya Spink 

Gabriella Greaves 

Georgia Wray

Georgiana Anton

Georgie Ryan 

Grace Jackson 

Grace Ryan 

Grace Short 

Grace Stones

Hannah Simpson 

Harper Watkins 

Ioana Bajenaru 

Isla Bellamy 

Isla Heslop 

Isla Nelson 

Isobel Emegbo 

Jasmine Westwood 

Jessica Barber

Jessica Goldthorp

Julian Brudniak

Kaciee Pallister 

Kara Hudson

Kayleigh Ramsay 

Kennedy Whitehead

Kelly Lau

Layla MacQuarrie 

Lilly Móra

Lily Ella Caisley

Lily Stephenson 

Lilyana Banaszczyk 

Louise Harper 

Lucy Goldthorp 

Mabel Waugh

Maja Janisz

Maria Bajenaru 

Martha Watson 

Mia Gordon

Mia Socha 

Mia Spinks 

Milena Skowrońska

Millie Allanson

Missy Barnes

Mollie Hebson 

Molly Simpson 

Neve Thornton 

Niamh Senior

Nicola Banaszczyk

Olivia Charley

Oliwia Polchtopek

Paislea Day

Phoebe Smith 

Poppy Dixon Mersh

Poppy Hebson 

Reilly Godfrey

Rose Morton

Ruby Cooke

Ruby Cooper 

Scarlett Atkin

Sophia Coupland 

Summer Jones

Tajana Baxter

Vienna Wilson

Violet Cheshire 

Violet-Evie Wilson 



Boys Academy of Dance 

Tuesdays 6.15pm- 7.15pm



We can't thank you enough!

Sometimes words just aren't enough, to share our thoughts and love.

And sometimes words get in the way of what we really want to say. 

But from the heart and just for you, these words of love and gratitude.

For all the times you have been there,

and shown just how much you care,

mean more to us than you could know........

and we just had to tell you so!

It is impossible to put into words just how thankful we are that the helpers, TDA ex pupils and friends gave up their time to be with us helping backstage at rehearsals and the show. For going the extra mile, taking costumes to the theatre, sewing, caring and supporting.

For the front of house helpers, ushers and bar staff.  For Nick, the QM technician that illuminated the stage and made the music levels sing! For Simon, who is filming the show, to "the mums!" Miss Phoebe Senior (Nicola) and Miss Hargreaves! We love having you with us!

To the lifter and shifter and toilet fixer, the behind the scenes rock that never complains. To the pupils, parents, step parents and careers we are so happy that you have joined us here today. May many more memories be made this way! 

Collaboration 2022

The show will be filmed on

Friday 5th August at 7pm

USB copies of the show can be pre-purchased for £15.00*

Please message/email/text for a copy.

*orders placed after the 5th August will be charged at £20.00 each.


Collaboration is an enchanting performance from the terrific TDA!

On a live stage!

Living and breathing the dance, acting & singing

Lights camera action!

As you watch the enchanting show you will be pulled into a whole new world 

Become part of the experience

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight!

Really gripping music!
Amazing costumes and some big smiles.

T. D. A



Now sit back and enjoy the show!

Written By Francis Milner Aged 11

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